Blessed with Vitality

  Nadia Davids’ novel should be near the top of every South African’s reading list     To read Nadia Davids’ debut novel, An Imperfect Blessing, is to understand more about the “coloured” community in Cape Town, through the prism of one family, in the years leading up to South Africa’s democracy. One lesson you [...]

Captain of Snoops

  The rise of Angola’s kuduro sensation   His Adidas T-shirt is a psychedelic swirl of flowers, and he looks rather fetching in tight red jeans, black-and-red Nike Air Jordans and a red leather jacket folded over his lap. We sit opposite each other at a pavement table at Daleah’s, a coffee shop in Braamfontein, [...]

Peter Makurube’s Monday Blues

  Back in 1991, we had just embarked on that thing of change we have still not even halfway finished. Censorship and segregation were being formally dismantled. Artists were technically free to perform what, where, and with whom they liked. But it wasn’t quite as simple as that. Many venues remained entangled in apartheid-era audience [...]

Fresh (Con)tent

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