The Human Hopes of October 1917 Revisited: On the Russian Revolution’s Centenary

  by Michael Neocosmos   The extraordinary events in Russia in October 1917, and their aftermath, shaped much of the last century. A hundred years on it is imperative to ask whether the failure of that experiment necessarily means that we are condemned to live within the escalating barbarism of hypercapitalism, or whether the Russian [...]

What Does Your Choice of Bunny Chow Say About You?

Who needs Jungian archetypes when you can have Bunnyian archetypes? Are you more chicken bunny than broad beans bunny? And what does your preference say about you? The Con’s resident bunny chow scholar, Pravasan Pillay, continues his long-term study of this iconic South African street food. 1. Quarter Mutton Bunny: You’re conventional. If you’re over thirty you’re either [...]

Fresh (Con)tent

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