Bangladeshi Bites

  Pravasan Pillay samples the deep-fried snacks from a food stall in Chatsworth’s Bangladesh Market Rashid moves quickly and efficiently inside his small stall as he prepares and packs my large order. His is one of 10 food stalls in the aromatic and cramped food row of the sprawling Bangladesh Market in Chatsworth, Durban. Rashid [...]


  It would be extremely boring/easy to describe WHATEVERLAND as anti-theatre, or “sheer fun” or “abstract” or anything that denotes that, for its three-year (or maybe only seven minutes) run, director Francesco Nassimbeni has refused to submit to plot, or character, or form, or anything you would usually associated with the word “theatre”. Basically, it [...]

Graffiti and Notions of ‘Public Space’

  Graffiti art is, perhaps, one of the few professions that allows its practitioners the room to traverse separate geographies and make a mockery of the town planner’s divisive hand. It may be because of its ancestry and DNA, at once secret and public, borderline illegal and somewhat official,  anti-establishment and co-opted. Which would explain why [...]

Fresh (Con)tent