Artist  Nolan Oswald Dennis’ show opened at the Goodman Gallery, Cape Town on April 14. Born in 1988 in Zambia, Dennis is part of that exciting new generation of South African artists born as apartheid was looking into its own abyss, contemplating its own mortality, which made the beast more vicious and more unpredictable. [...]

A Blind Prospector in Bambazonke Country

  Bambazonke ( Ndebele for winner takes all), the name by which Harare was grudgingly known in Bulawayo back in the 1980s, goes back to the foundation of the city itself. In 1900, about a decade after colonial conquest, Salisbury had a population of 1500. The upstart hamlet,  against all reason, strong opposition, and hierarchy,  became the [...]

Fresh (Con)tent

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