CONstellations: Identity and Justice

  Retribution - Mark Charan Newton (Drakenfeld 2) (Pan)     After the audacious weirdness of the Legends of the Red Sun quartet, Mark Charan Newton chose more straightforward tropes for his second series: detective stories, more alternative-historical than magical, following the career of Lucan Drakenfeld. He’s an investigator for the supranational Sun Chamber, which investigates (and interferes) [...]

Student Spring in Perennial Winter

  While South African students may have shown mass solidarity with the #FeesMustFall protests and the national shutdown over the past few weeks, the issues they want addressed vary from campus to campus. Rhodes is the smallest public university in South Africa with only about 7 500 students. Grahamstown, where it is situated, was a [...]

The Crisis in Higher Education

  The current student-led protests across various institutions in the country have produced divergent responses. All the analysis from various experts and citizens has attempted to characterise the Fees Must Fall movement. Conservative commentators have argued that the students have no work ethic nor discipline; while other groups have supported the students. The latter perspective [...]

Fresh (Con)tent

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