On Language & Disruptive Pedagogy

  There was a social media storm recently after a Rhodes University lecturer used isiXhosa in a history class – and then told unhappy students it was their duty to learn the local language. A version of this event posted on Facebook prompted many discussions on issues of language, privilege and power. After two weeks of [...]

Moving BLK Brothers

  Phrases like “Africa’s new band” or “the first black South African rock band” will always be affixed to the BLK JKS. It could be amnesia, or just plain ignorance of encountering something for the first time, that leads to people assuming it must be new. It’s no exaggeration to say that when the band [...]

Mr Fantastic Grey

It was a massive opening weekend for soft porn / chick flick Fifty Shades of Grey – the most profitable weekend ever in the United States for an R-rated film: $237.7 million. Its success, ubiquity and, undoubtedly, bawdiness has unleashed a torrent of unsurprisingly hostile reviews. The prudish feel outraged, the BDSM community feels misrepresented, [...]

Fresh (Con)tent

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