The events inside and around parliament on February 9 — the violent ejecting of opposition Economic Freedom Fighters from the legislature, the pepper-spraying of guests in the public gallery, the repression of journalists, the deployment of the army on the streets of Cape Town, the thuggish behaviour of ANC MPs —  should not have surprised anyone. South Africa’s constitutional values and sense of democracy have been slowly eroded since President Jacob “Jiggaman” Zuma took power of the ANC in 2007. No one man can be wholly responsible for the democratic failings we see here, but Jigga has led by example and many have followed. The Con traces his sordid, sickening trail of democratic destruction, plus some “homie don’t play” moments, with this series of videos:


Jiggaman speaks with forked tongue at the ANC’s national elective conference in Polokwane in 2007. — AP Archives


Andries Tatane – CNN


Marikana — IB Times News


Nkandla Style – Nkandla Staail


The Constitutional Court rules on Jiggaman’s self-aggrandising behaviour and unsuitability to be Citizen Number One and defender of our Constitution – SABC


The ANC be like “where the homie’s candy at?” with each other under Jacob “Jiggaman” Zuma as internal violence and assassinations increase and service delivery flounders — SpaceJamGardenz


Jigga don’t give a fuck. Giggling while South Africa burns — My Africa


Esidimeni and 94 dead psychiatric patients because Zuma’s government don’t care. The ANC refuses to allow a moment’s silence in recognition of the dead at the opening of parliament on February 9 – ENCA


The logical conclusion at #Sona2017. Military deployed outside parliament, guests inside parliament are pepper-sprayed, opposition party members assaulted and removed, ANC MPs shout expletives and tell opposition MPs to “Fuck Off!” without censure from the Speaker…  #ZumaDon’tGiveAFuck #SAisFucked


Main Photo: Jiggaman giggling his way through the World Economic Forum — courtesy of World Economic Forum




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