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Worshiping the Beautiful Game

  Perhaps the problem started because of the distance between the church and our football pitch. My struggle to deal with the authority imposed on me didn’t make things better. The pitch wasn’t so much a football stadium as it was an open space on a slope. It barely had grass, but the ground was [...]

Elite Silence: Corruption in World Football

  The recent news has provided extraordinary examples of how corruption erodes the resources and morals of an entire continent – Africa – in part because villains in South Africa made alliances with wicked brothers in Switzerland, Latin America, the Caribbean, and especially the United States. We now know more about offshore centres of both [...]

An Apology to Stevie G

  Cast a cold eye On life, on death Horseman, pass by! – W.B. Yeats, Under Ben Bulben The end came in ignominy. It was a desultory, disheveled, listless performance by a poorly managed team against Crystal Palace two Saturdays ago. Then, a 6-1 rout by Stoke on the final weekend in which Steven George [...]