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Welcoming the Alien Spirits into Zimbabwe

  Last week, as Zimbabweans celebrated the military backed process which set in motion the end of  Robert Mugabe’s rule,  a cautionary statement came from Everjoice Win, an astute Zimbabwean feminist and activist; in a pithy distillation of Shona folklore, the feminist wrote on Twitter, “musapururudzire shavi muchiti mudzimu,”  which the rough translation of this [...]

‘Who is Burning the Rome?’

    The 22nd of June 2017 played out predictably. In Johannesburg, Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng read out the Constitutional Court’s “secret ballot” judgment with preacher-style emphasis that everyone, from the president to those holding Stop-and-Go signs on roads under construction — which appear the only jobs the current administration can create — is beholden [...]

The DA: Who Are You & Where Are You Going?

  Ivor Sarakinsky and Ebrahim Fakir The Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci presciently noted that when societies undergo transition, the interregnum produces a range of “morbid symptoms”. The “Rainbow Nation” as a founding myth of post-political apartheid South Africa has served its purpose and is now for all intents and purposes dead. What will replace it? What can [...]