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Behind the Strike at the University Currently Known as Rhodes

  In 2015 and 2016 the #OutsourcingMustFall campaign reverberated across South African universities. At the University Currently Known as ‘Rhodes’ (UCKAR) protests against racist curricula and practices at the institution, fees, and later sexual assault, did not include a demand for insourcing as it was said that this was one university at which service workers [...]

My Reasons for the #RhodesMustFall Protest at Graduation

“Does she mean ‘Rhodes Must Fall’ like the statue must go or is it like a ‘destroy this university’ thing?” This is what I overheard as the tide of the crowd exited the main theatre of the 1820 Settlers’ National Monument after a 2017 graduation ceremony at the University currently known as Rhodes (UCKAR). This [...]

The Gentrification Equation

by Muhammad Zaid Gamieldien “Look at the road you’re standing in”, says 27-year-old Yusuf Toefy. “You see barber shops, you see fish and chips eateries, you see clothing stores. Now remember how this place looks and come back in a few years’ time. This road is not going to look the same”. From this pavement [...]

On Zille and the Familiar Distortions of Black History

  Western Cape premier Helen Zille’s claim, and her feeble justifications for it, that South Africa has colonialism to thank for its independent judiciary and transport infrastructure is gravely ignorant about South Africa’s colonial past. Our judicial system is an inheritance of the Dutch and English systems of law. Neither England nor Holland can claim [...]