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Censors Ban South African Film for ‘Child Porn’

It was a piece of theatre, rather than a film that opened the 38th Durban International Film Festival (Diff) on Thursday night. Jahmil XT Qubeka, the director of Of Good Report, ostensibly the festival’s opening night film, was on stage, his mouth taped over. He then proceeded to burn his identity book in protest. His [...]

The People Shall Govern… Even Pregnant Teens

Last week the Constitutional Court ruled that the pregnancy policies of two schools in the Free State were exclusionary and unconstitutional but that the province’s head of department for basic education did not have the power to instruct its principals to ignore policy made by those school governing bodies – even if he or she [...]

Land and platinum: When the outsiders look like you

Perhaps more than the platinum beneath, the story of Rustenburg is about who owns the land above. In South Africa, home to most of the world’s platinum, this has meant ruthless jockeying to control the purse strings, which often is the difference between obscene wealth and eternally standing in line for alms. Development (or lack [...]