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The Land Issue Burns Bright in South Africa

  In his 2011 book, Civilization, Scottish historian Niall Ferguson singles out “six killer apps” that led to the establishment of Western power on the globe. Briefly, they are science, medicine, competition, the consumer society, the work ethic and the one that concerns us now – property rights. Ferguson does an analysis of the colonisations of North [...]

Why the Left Has Failed to Capitalise on Post-Marikana Massacre Cracks in the ANC Hegemony

    The collective left has failed to capitalise on post-Marikana massacre cracks in the ANC hegemony – even as disaffection in the mining sector continues unabated, opined director of the University of KwaZulu-Natal-based Centre for Civil Society Patrick Bond. In a paper entitled Marikana’s meanings: South Africa’s platinum crisis, Bond writes that in the period [...]

Finding one’s manhood

There are differing schools of thought on the Xhosa rites of passage ritual that involves male circumcision. There are those who believe that the ritual should either be done like it was in the days of yore; where initiates spent months in isolation, or, completely gotten rid of it. Others advocate that the ritual continue [...]