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Zama Zamas: Women of Stone

  By Zaheera Jinnah and Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon Grinding rock, on the discarded mines of Johannesburg’s peripheries, is women’s work. The hammering of stone and its crushing into fine silt recalls the rural labour of grinding maize or peanuts into flour or paste for the family meal. “Grinding stones is like grinding peanut butter,” one of [...]

Hamba Kahle PC

  by Ebrahim Harvey Obituary: Phiroshaw Camay (1947 – 2016)  Phiroshaw Camay, who very sadly passed away last week, was probably my closest friend and comrade for over three decades. “PC”, as he was affectionately known, was a veteran and stalwart of the labour movement and civil society in South Africa. His passing has created a [...]

Marikana: The Architects of R12,500

  The now infamous demand for a wage of R12,500, which striking mineworkers were died for in Marikana, was not initially something which was demanded, nor were its creators uncompromising or violent as has been suggested by the Marikana Commission of Inquiry.  Rather, the idea of R12,500, in its first instance, was simply a memorandum [...]