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Cash Ruins Everything Around Me – The Sopranos a Decade Later

  Tony Soprano: And I don’t want to hear about the freaking economy either! I don’t want to hear it. Sil, break it down for them. What two businesses have traditionally been recession proof since time immemorial? Silvio Dante: Certain aspects of show business…and our thing. Tony Soprano: Now that’s it. That’s all I’ve gotta [...]

Ranjith Kally and I

  Growing up in the Sixties, I first began to know of Ranjith Kally through his work in The Post, a Durban newspaper, as well as in Drum magazine. Back then, he was among a group of Durban-based news photographers who became local household names: people like GR Naidoo, Moosa Badsha, Mickey Padayachee, Gopal Narainsamy, [...]

Here we go again…

  By James Oatway “Here we go again.” That dreaded phrase… It’s Monday night and I’m in Jeppestown. I’m standing in a street surrounded by filth, staring at “Wolhuter Native Men’s Hostel”. I’m watching police fire rubber bullets at the residents. The complex is better known as “Jeppe Hostel”. The word “Native” has been painted over but [...]

‘Exploit the Weak… Work! Consume! Die’: Power and Revolt in Comic Books

  lobal warming means that 2016 in on track to be the hottest year in recorded history. In March, figures released by Oxfam showed that the 62 richest people on Earth own as much as half of the world’s population. Elon Musk has plans to build a ‘direct democracy’ on Mars, when we barely have [...]