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The Artful Swapper

  How Stefanus Nel made his way around Europe and North and South America using his sketches as currency   I always told myself I’d travel more in my next life – not that I ever really believed I’d get a second life. It was only after the break-up of a nine-year relationship and the [...]

Documentaries and Dick Jokes

  “I spoke to someone recently who said I seemed attracted to artists in extreme circumstances, and I guess there’s some truth to that,” says Petter Ringbom via email a few weeks before he lands in South Africa to debut his new documentary, Shield and Spear. “I like stories where art, or artists, and society [...]

What Mthethwa Really Said

  Between the lines of the address by Minister of Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa at the official opening of the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown   Programme director, I am honoured and pleased to be opening this year’s festival and to discover that we actually have an event like this. As a festival virgin, [...]

Brazil 2014: Songs for Africa

  The 2014 football World Cup kicks off on Thursday, and in anticipation of the opening game between Brazil and Croatia, The Con has decided to bring you some songs that have been recorded to urge on the five African teams competing, namely Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Algeria and Ivory Coast. Alongside the video for every African [...]

The Future White Woman of Azania Saga

  The Future White Woman of Azania Saga is Athi-Patra Ruga’s solo show at Cape Town’s Whatiftheworld Gallery. The exhibition is largely composed of tapestry work, new media, photographs and installations-cum-sculptures. Ruga leaves no space unoccupied and no colour unexplored, yet his offering is not an empty spectacle of garish objects. The show touches on trending issues [...]