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Peter Makurube’s Monday Blues

  Back in 1991, we had just embarked on that thing of change we have still not even halfway finished. Censorship and segregation were being formally dismantled. Artists were technically free to perform what, where, and with whom they liked. But it wasn’t quite as simple as that. Many venues remained entangled in apartheid-era audience [...]

HIFA: The Price of Art

  In Writing Revolt, British historian Terence Ranger’s memoirs of his time in Rhodesia, he states that “Salisbury [now Harare] was the most segregated city in southern Africa”. This sounds rather melodramatic considering that the scholar, en route to taking a teaching appointment at the University College of Rhodesia − as the University of Zimbabwe [...]

Khanyi Mbau’s Pussy Steals the Show

  Last week Khanyi Mbau confided in The Con that her vagina “told” her that it “felt shiny because everybody took a lick at it [during the Comedy Central Roast of Kenny Kunene recently] … but my pussy said she was quite used to it after all these years of being with me”. While there [...]

#LOL #Comedy #NationalArtsFestival2013

  Funnymen Rob van Vuuren and James Cairns put on some entertaining shows at the National Arts Festival. The Con gives you the lowdown on three of them Three Little Pigs “I got kicked out the Hawks for being a chicken.” This line delivered by actor and comedian James Cairns in the theatre piece Three Little [...]