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On Leaving The Durban International Film Festival

  OPEN LETTER REGARDING MY DEPARTURE FROM THE ROLE OF MANAGER OF THE DURBAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL It was with great sadness that I left my position as manager of the Durban International Film Festival last week. I have been involved in the activities of the Centre for Creative Arts for the better part of [...]

Purple Reign (1958-2016)

  When I was growing into being a teenager in the early 90’s Prince was a magician. He was this crazy artist, who I could only reach through my FM radio. Nobody I knew listened to Prince, but across those airwaves I heard his magic. There are six key singles and a cover that between 1990 and [...]

Beyoncé: The Event, The Spectre

  You know what I hate? What I truly despise? The assumption that Beyoncé’s fans (read “the hive”) cannot be a complex set of people who traverse space and place in multiple and complicated ways, the assumption that we are a homogenous set of automatons who have no agency, no capacity for critical thought. That [...]

Watching Boys in Bands

  Of all the activities I have thrown myself into over the years, there is one that has dominated an inordinate part of my life. “As a young woman I had one, and only one, intense and ceaseless pastime …” writes author Claire Vaye Watkins.”I’ve filled my days doing this, spent all my free time [...]