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Zimbabwe’s Blood Diamonds

  The phrase “resource curse” has been used to describe a state of affairs in which a mineral-it is usually a mineral-that should benefit a country becomes the chief means of its damnation. Think of petroleum in Nigeria; and diamonds, coltan and other minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In recent years, Zimbabwe has [...]

The Suspicion of Protestors

  The Con brings you an edited excerpt from Julian Brown’s new book South Africa’s Insurgent Citizens (Zed Books and Jacana: 2015)     In the first months of 2014, a wave of protests was registered across South Africa – and, in particular, across Gauteng, the country’s smallest and most populous province. These protests attracted a significant [...]

Being Summoned

This is an excerpt from Grant Farred’s Martin Heidegger Saved My Life.     I’d been raking for about forty minutes on Guy Fawkes Day when a late-model Volvo sedan, white (it had to be white, didn’t it?), stopped at the top of the hill, where our house ends, and then reversed about twenty meters [...]

An Encounter in the Park

  Nakhane Toure’s debut novel Piggy Boy’s Blues has recently been published by new Jacana imprint Blackbird Books and was launched on Thursday last week at the Keleketla Library! It has been described as a “distorted pastoral” and presents a portrait of a xhosa family living in Alice in the Eastern Cape. The novel is centred around [...]

Harold Wolpe and Post Apartheid SA

  Steven Friedman’s new book Race, Class and Power: Harold Wolpe and the radical critique of apartheid was published recently by UKZN Press. The Con brings you this excerpt from chapter 11 of the book, titled A few small areas in the vicinity of Beijing: Harold Wolpe and post-apartheid South Africa.     Twice during [...]