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A Poem: Saturday Shopper + The Buckfever Underground National Tour

Photo By: Bidgee    out in the world of shopping today people queued for discounted overpriced lightweight cycling shirts and other accoutrements in the colour of the LSD rainbow whilst nearby, in Builder’s Warehouse lawnmowers awaited the surge of summer and hundreds of door handles a hand to hold and tug them from their lonesome [...]

A Poem: 26 july

  having not seen the movie of your life having been unable to touch your lips when you sleep: there are rain showers so thick it’s as if you are driving under water under the ocean, but with frogs hopping for crazy, dear life this is the undoing of us all the unthinking, the blinking [...]

A Poem: who’s the man?

who’s the man? who’s the man? who’s the man with the mouth and the teeth and the individual bones bolted to the sinews and muscles and tongues and saliva and the bit by bit robot walking four by four by the fires in the parking lots of the cities? i’m the man i’m the man [...]