Heads Up: 80′s Shangaan star Obed Ngobeni digitised by Afro-Synth

Just a quick little note to let you know that the guys over at Afro-Synth have made available a recording of Shangaan guitarist Obed Ngobeni. The album is Ngobeni’s 1985 second album called Mchoza. Ngobeni was at the forefront of Shangaan music in the 80s with albums like Gazankulu (1984), Mchoza (1985), Thsiketa (1986) and Xikwembu (1989). If you are interested here is [...]

Finding one’s manhood

There are differing schools of thought on the Xhosa rites of passage ritual that involves male circumcision. There are those who believe that the ritual should either be done like it was in the days of yore; where initiates spent months in isolation, or, completely gotten rid of it. Others advocate that the ritual continue [...]

Sinkane: From Sudan to the USA – The Birth of a Global Star

Having paid his dues sitting behind the drum kit for Caribou, Of Montreal, Born Ruffians and Eleanor Friedberger of Fiery Furnaces fame, the Sudanese born Ahmed Gallab has gone solo under his Sinkane moniker. Technically the man had been operating under Sinkane since 2008, when his debut album Color Voice was released on Emergency Umbrella Records. But [...]

The Rainmaker

There was a great rainmaker, renowned throughout the land. She was tall and beautiful; she had eyes that shone like the early morning star and a mouth that frequently broke into a beatific smile. She hadn’t just brought smiles to many lands; infact, many times she had saved her vast country from famine and certain [...]

How the Other Half Scores

Whenever footballers are asked to open up about an exceptionally talented fellow player, invariably they will say, “you must see what he does in training.” They might also add, “see what he does after the training session”. It’s normally after the training session that you do the kind of tricks for which the coach hands [...]

Fresh (Con)tent

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