The Rainmaker

There was a great rainmaker, renowned throughout the land. She was tall and beautiful; she had eyes that shone like the early morning star and a mouth that frequently broke into a beatific smile. She hadn’t just brought smiles to many lands; infact, many times she had saved her vast country from famine and certain [...]

How the Other Half Scores

Whenever footballers are asked to open up about an exceptionally talented fellow player, invariably they will say, “you must see what he does in training.” They might also add, “see what he does after the training session”. It’s normally after the training session that you do the kind of tricks for which the coach hands [...]

The Internet is Killing the Record Company: Gatekeepers Be Damned

The Internet has killed the record company, writes Lloyd Gedye, who is revelling in sticking the boot into its commercial, flatulent corpse. But why are independent artists still hung up on getting released the old-fashioned way? The other day I was in the video store when I ran into Warren Cohen (aka Ampersand), Johannesburg’s songwriter-cum-noise [...]

Fresh (Con)tent

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