A Poem: who’s the man?

who’s the man? who’s the man? who’s the man with the mouth and the teeth and the individual bones bolted to the sinews and muscles and tongues and saliva and the bit by bit robot walking four by four by the fires in the parking lots of the cities? i’m the man i’m the man [...]

No More Tuesdays: The Brother Moves On Take the Protest to Their Least Favourite Day of the Week

Last week Tuesday (30 April), Joburg’s The Brother Moves On played a show in their own lounge. It was an incredible gig and one that you can read about on The Con, here. During the show the Brother’s frontman, Siyabonga Mthembu, chanted “No More Tuesdays” repeatedly. At the time it seemed like just part of [...]

Restless City: Beauty Above All Else

You’d be forgiven for thinking Restless City, photographer Andrew Dosunmu’s first feature, is all aesthetic and nothing else. The film is indeed saturated with beauty, youth, and blackness. The cameras linger on the cast’s features, hone in on svelte midsections as they pace softly-lit rooms, and the sound suddenly shuts out in parts, with the [...]

Fresh (Con)tent

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