Ranjith Kally and I

  Growing up in the Sixties, I first began to know of Ranjith Kally through his work in The Post, a Durban newspaper, as well as in Drum magazine. Back then, he was among a group of Durban-based news photographers who became local household names: people like GR Naidoo, Moosa Badsha, Mickey Padayachee, Gopal Narainsamy, [...]

Songs about Home

   hate having to tell people where I’m from. Home, like time I believe, is an unnecessary construct. By way of convention, Cape Town would be ‘home’ for me. I grew up there, my parents live there and I met some of my closest friends there. Put me there for more than a week, however, [...]

Behind the Strike at the University Currently Known as Rhodes

  In 2015 and 2016 the #OutsourcingMustFall campaign reverberated across South African universities. At the University Currently Known as ‘Rhodes’ (UCKAR) protests against racist curricula and practices at the institution, fees, and later sexual assault, did not include a demand for insourcing as it was said that this was one university at which service workers [...]

Fresh (Con)tent

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