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Uber & Out in Cape Town

  The BP garage parking lot at Cape Town International Airport has space for more than 60 cars. It is full from before dawn until midnight all weekend, but not with customers. Motorists seldom need to queue for the station’s ten petrol pumps. The Express convenience store, with its bright-lit Wild Bean Café counter, rarely [...]

The Day of the Jekyll

To resolve the situation at the University of Cape Town that was sparked by the statue of Cecil John Rhodes, I believe we must demand the reinstatement of former vice chancellor, Dr Max Price. On his installation in 2008, Price called for an Afropolitan university, encompassing the globe without short-changing the continent. Six years later, in [...]

Fight the Power

  Last week The Con bought you a part of  our ongoing interview with the Tokolos Stencil Collective. We have also reported on their interventions, firstly at the Brundyn+ Gallery and secondly at Michael Elion’s Nelson Mandela Ray-Ban sunglasses. Here is our full email interview, which we conducted with the Tokolos Stencil Crew over the [...]

Why We Graffiti’d Madiba Ray-Bans

  The Con is busy conducting an email interview with the Tokolos Stencil Crew. Naturally as news broke on social media of their intervention at Michael Elion’s Madiba Ray Bans in Cape Town, our line of questioning turned to this latest action of theirs. Here is what they had to say. Our full interview will [...]