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Photographing at the International Library of African Music

  n July 2015, I visited the International Library of African Music, or ILAM, in Grahamstown, South Africa for the first time. I had approached Diane Thram, ILAM’s director, in 2013 about a proposal to photograph their 78 rpm record collection. I was looking to expand on a project to visually document every South African [...]

Living Politics in Grahamstown

  While students (pictured) took to the streets of Grahamstown to protest against fees hikes and for the transformation of Rhodes University, xenophobic violence and looting by residents of nearby townships was meted out to Muslim shop-owners of various nationalities, Sanele Ntshingana and Paddy O’ Halloran investigated the latter’s effects (Photograph: Kate Janse van Rensburg) The room is [...]

Six years: Why Rhodes Must Fall

  Dr Mabizela, I will not attempt to offer “reasonable”, “well measured” and tight rebuttals to yours, Vivian de Klerk’s and, likely, your ivory tower white administration’s tacit endorsement of an enduring legacy of institutional violence. Those of us who are acutely aware of our structural and material oppression being black, being women, being disabled, being [...]