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Timbuktu: Another Epic Zuma Fail

  On the 103rd birthday of the ANC, President Jacob Zuma addresses the continent’s oldest liberation movement at a time when its character has drifted significantly from the days of exile and underground struggle, or the tenures of former presidents Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki. Vashna Jagarnath argues that Zuma’s own lack of a social vision [...]

Refugees Cause Cape Town Race Wars

  Niren Tolsi and Ben Fogel On Thursday, Democratic Alliance (DA) spokesperson Rupert Whyte-Smith, in between sips of his flat white purchased from Truth.Coffee in East City (the area formerly known as District Six), informed assembled journalists that a recent spate of racist crimes in Cape Town was driven by education refugees from the Eastern [...]

Jou Past se Poes

  The fallacy of the “white victim” is becoming nauseating. After hundreds of years of white-on-black racism and oppression in South Africa, when anger is expressed against these injustices, self-serving whites who feel uncomfortable when confronted with the truths of South Africa’s racist past call it “hate speech” or “racism”. Steve Hofmeyr bemoans the plight [...]