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Remembering a Quiet Son of the Struggle

January 18 marks the birthday of the late Jakes Gerwel — an academic, intellectual, activist and non-racialist — who as vice-chancellor of the University of the Western Cape proved  a thorn in side of apartheid before going on to serve his country as director-general to South Africa’s first democratically elected president, Nelson Mandela. A man who his friend, the poet Antjie [...]

Black Wednesday: A Prison Diary

  — by Terrence Tryon  On 19 October 1977 the apartheid government banned 18 organisations, including: Black People’s Convention South African Students Movement Union of Black Journalists Black Women’s Federation South African Students Organisation Soweto Teachers Action Committee The Christian Institute Soweto Students Representative Council The government also banned two newspapers, The World and Weekend [...]

On Mbeki’s Brief Commentary

  I like a Monday. It’s a rest day after a long Sunday run, meaning a chance to sleep in just a little, and the beginning of the week’s episodes of MasterChef Australia. And it’s the day before the house gets cleaned, the laundry finds it way from the basket to the closet, and the [...]

My Body Was Dying

  This week, former president Thabo Mbeki admitted to having co-authored the HIV-Aids denialist Castro Hlongwane booklet in his “Monday missives” – letters to South Africa which apparently seek to “set the record straight”. Mbeki also defended his denialist position, which hampered the roll-out of anti-retrovirals (ARVs) to ordinary South Africans and, is said to [...]