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The Meaning of John Berger

  John Berger, who died on January 2, turned 90 in November last year. A Jar of Wild Flowers (Zed Books), a collection of essays written by his friends and artistic collaborators in celebration of Berger, and edited by Yasmin Gunaratnam and Amarjit Chandan, was published at the time — as a present to this singular poet, [...]

Extract: The Chronicles of Nonyana the Bird alias Ntwana the Kid

  It’s festive term again police evacuate tramps from beaches, parks and passageways for the ease and security of tourists & revellers my friend Theliweni says it’s a lofty project these folks bring money to the city we hobos shall benefit a lot from the trickle-down effect for now we must hustle thirty bucks a [...]

A Poem: who’s the man?

who’s the man? who’s the man? who’s the man with the mouth and the teeth and the individual bones bolted to the sinews and muscles and tongues and saliva and the bit by bit robot walking four by four by the fires in the parking lots of the cities? i’m the man i’m the man [...]