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Being Human After 1492

  the ghost arm of history/still throttling me – Safiya Sinclair, “Notes on the State of Virginia, II”, Cannibal, 2016 n 2 January 1492, Muhammad XII of Granada conceded defeat to Isabella and Ferdinand, the Catholic monarchs of Portugal and Spain. His surrender came after ten years of war and marked the end of almost [...]

Lessons from a “Postracial” America

  As South Africans interrogate notions of race in a post-reconciliation moment — and there are conservative suggestions the country should embrace an alleged “post-racialism” — The Con publishes a piece by David Theo Goldberg. Goldberg, who is director of the University of California’s Humanities Research Institute, recently gave a public lecture at the Unit for Humanities at [...]

‘The Flame Lily of Zim Music’

  It’s totally in character that three of the most acclaimed musicians from Zimbabwe − Thomas Mapfumo, Stella Chiweshe and Chiwoniso Maraire − play what could be defined as Chimurenga music. Mapfumo, the main exponent of the genre, is marooned in the United States, from where he watches the country of his birth with longing [...]