having not seen the movie of your life
having been unable to touch your lips
when you sleep:
there are rain showers so thick
it’s as if you are driving under water
under the ocean, but with frogs
hopping for crazy, dear life
this is the undoing of us all
the unthinking, the blinking
the being, the be all, end all
damn all
tea time at the geezerdome
music felt by the fingers
of deaf people
the imaginary sprints across
dew-carpeted fields
of those in comas
the songs of everyday hurt
everyday cold, hungry
the ever so almost, the close
the people we cannot look in the eye because
their eyes are ours
our mouths theirs, tongues one
and our skins webbed together
like caul fat
across the expanse
of breathing bodies in beds
under cardboard sheets
and the shelter of a bush
or a culvert, a queen-size bed
in a five-star hotel floating
in paradise, all aboard
all aboard

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