The Con welcomes a new con(tributor) today in the form of visual artist and illustrator Jason Bronkhorst. Jason sent us these pieces which react to the news reports on the Westgate shopping mall attack in Kenya and we wanted to share them with you. Over to you Jason.


I sit in my study each morning before heading to the office and do a quick scan of the headlines, doodling out a few scenarios.

The images came about after reading an update on the Kenyan Mall attacks. One of the survivors, Mwagi Dorcas, reported that she hid behind luggage in the mall’s ground-floor grocery store.

The drawings are mixed media, mostly coffee, watercolour, my son’s crayons, pen and ink on paper, 23×23 cms. I cut the plastic off an oil stick using a scalpel, in the process slicing my finger open. You can see blood on the one drawing.

Click on the images

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