it is strange to exist
to lie in a cool pool of air
inside four walls
with crickets outside
and so many electrical appliances nearby

it is strange to exist
and to touch items
made in Japan and
sliced bread and olive brine
and old scar tissue on your skin

it is strange to exist
and sit in rows of cars
on highways that lead you
to multi-storey car parks
and booms

it is strange to
turn over the faces
folded flat into newspapers
and scroll through
comments on a website
knowing that no-one
knows you

it is strange to
think of yourself as dead
when you are alive
and don’t know what dead is
except: not alive

it is strange to exist
and to imagine and pray
and to make war
and to shake hands
and turn on heels
as if murder never
put down its
cup here

it is strange to exist
and wonderful too
to love another
glorious human
and kiss

Photo Credit: A Multi-storey car park in Liberec (Reichenberg), Czech Republic by Marcin Shall

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