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Back in the Days When Men Were Men

  Nothing captures the imagination quite like the exploration of the outer reaches of this globe: When men were men, and took expeditions for the sake of discovery and pioneering. There were no beer bellies or gym exercise. The technology that meant men could go out in temperatures far below zero and be able to […]

Lessons to take from the Springboks’ clash against the All Blacks at Ellis Park

  As the sun set over Doornfontein in downtown Johannesburg, so did the reality of losing to the All Blacks at our spiritual home. It had been deemed the clash of the titans, the world’s number one team (All Blacks) against the challengers to that throne. Let’s be honest no other team in world rugby […]

Race Quotas in SA Rugby: How Afriforum Will Have You Believe That They Care About Black Players

  Sport in South Africa is like a lightening rod for racism. No matter how many people trot out the age-old argument about sport being a unifying element in the South Africa, the truth is South Africans are just as divided in sport as they are in the rest of their lives, perhaps more so. If you […]

Does Saru Care About Transformation? – The Southern Kings As Case Study

At some point every rational-thinking South African rugby fan has to ask themselves this question; does the South African Rugby Union (Saru) actually care about transformation? Sure, all kinds of noises are made about transforming this sport we love, so that it can be more representative of South Africa –  but is Saru just talking the talk, or are they […]