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People Will Die: Marikana & Fees Must Fall

  For exactly 300 days, they sat: The traumatised. The tortured. The people who knew the dead. They had watched their family members, lovers, colleagues or comrades being killed. Over and over again. This was in evidence led at the commission of inquiry into the 44 deaths during an unprotected strike at Marikana in August […]

Thabo Mbeki and Haiti

  n 26 August 1789, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen was adopted by the National Constituent Assembly in revolutionary Paris. The adoption of the Declaration has often been understood as a foundational moment in the development of the epoch in human history now often thought of as modernity. The […]

The Philosopher as Functionary: An Open Letter to David Benatar

  t is hard to overestimate the impact of the French student uprisings of May 1968 on the philosophy of the so-called post-68 generation, that group of politically awakened academics that included, among many others, Gilles Deleuze, Félix Guattari, Michel Foucault, Alain Badiou and Jacques Ranciere. For these thinkers, some of whom were the most […]

Police Shoot at Rhodes Students

It’s like the eighties again. South Africa is an angry place, burning itself out at all ends. Beefy white men in police uniforms are hiding behind hedges and shooting at students. They are firing into the Rhodes University campus. The Black body is violated. White Lady Babylon be shoving. Babylon be shoving. All the time. […]

Durban: The Warmest Place To Be (If You’re the Right Hue)

  few months ago I moved back to Durban after 12 years, having left at the green age of 17 to study in Cape Town and then Paris. I grew up in Nagina Township, a little Indian town and went to an ‘Indian’ school before transferring to a ‘white’ school post-1994. I remember feeling like […]