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Jacob Zuma, The Trickster

  uChakide, the trickster mongoose, was hungry. So he convinced uGogo Granny, to play ‘I cook you, you cook me’ in the pots over the fire. Naturally, Chakide went first into the pot and gogo lit the fire. Once it became a tad hot, Chakide called out from inside the pot “Tshiyo tshiyo sengivuthiwe!” (“I’m […]

Watch me Nene – The Left’s Response?

  The Poverty of Commentary: This article was written on December 11 2015, before President Jacob Zuma’s dramatic climb down on Sunday night, with the announcement that Pravin Gordhan would be restored as Finance Minister. Zuma’s flipflop was mirrored by much of the commentariat who shifted seamlessly from declaring that the president had solidified his […]

The Suspicion of Protestors

  The Con brings you an edited excerpt from Julian Brown’s new book South Africa’s Insurgent Citizens (Zed Books and Jacana: 2015)     In the first months of 2014, a wave of protests was registered across South Africa – and, in particular, across Gauteng, the country’s smallest and most populous province. These protests attracted a significant […]

R8,5-billion and Counting: The Cost of DTT

  The June 17 deadline for all African countries to switch their television broadcasts from analogue to digital has passed, and South Africa has still not launched digital TV. But that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. The switch from analogue – how you receive your TV signal now, using an aerial – to digital […]