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The Policing of Black Hair in Our Schools: Policy or Prejudice?

  -by Bhavna Ramji and Tim Fish Hodgson In August 2016, Black learners at Pretoria High School for Girls organised a protest against school authorities preventing them from wearing their hair in Afros. Public discussion on the topic has been heated, and in some cases, entirely misinformed. Radio host John Robbie, for example, took it […]

An Anatomy of Protest Violence

  We crouch low behind the Toyota Tazz, wishing it was a BMW or a 4X4. “Do rubber bullets and rocks go through Toyota windows” we wonder. Loud bangs and smoke alert us to the heavily armed riot police on the University of Witwatersrand campus. The students who’d been throwing rocks and bricks at the […]

Remembering Khwezi

  by Louise Colvin “Khwezi” leaves a legacy like few others. She remains a symbol of courage — the courage to speak truth to power — and of hope and resilience for all women who continue to suffer gender abuse. Let her brave act (for which she paid dearly) be a rallying call to the […]

A New Education is Needed

  A Facebook post from last night reads: “So impressed by hard work done by #Umhlangano today, as artists it is ours to reimagine not only the world but how we achieve it.”  The comment refers to art and drama student group Umhlangano’s call and commitment to safe and creative expressions of protest, resistance and […]

Durban: The Warmest Place To Be (If You’re the Right Hue)

  few months ago I moved back to Durban after 12 years, having left at the green age of 17 to study in Cape Town and then Paris. I grew up in Nagina Township, a little Indian town and went to an ‘Indian’ school before transferring to a ‘white’ school post-1994. I remember feeling like […]