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Poisoned Earth

  Niren Tolsi & Lloyd Gedye  Turmeric runs through Merebank, a suburb in Durban’s southern industrial basin. In this mainly Hindu community, it is used for cooking and in brides’ cleansing rituals before weddings. Turmeric mixed with water acts as a homeopathic remedy against skin rashes and irritations in homes, and, across the road from […]

eThekwini: Coughing up for Industry

  Niren Tolsi & Lloyd Gedye Durban’s South Basin exists like a subtropical Dickensian nightmare – race and class oppression sweating it out under mango trees heavy with fruit, and chimney stacks billowing pollution. When the wind changes, so does the rotten egg flavour of sulphur dioxide in the humidity. Families tracing their lives in […]

Coming Clean on Collusion

  Lloyd Gedye & Niren Tolsi   John Jackson, one of the men responsible for turning a provincial construction company into a leading player in the sector, was fingered as the Godfather-type figure who arranged a string of collusion agreements between KwaZulu-Natal building companies that ripped off millions of rands from government and private-sector contracts. […]

Collusion in Practice

  Lloyd Gedye & Niren Tolsi   By apparently accepting an invitation into a gang of white-owned construction companies that had for decades colluded on tender deals, Stefanutti Stocks’ John Jackson and his fellow directors helped turn the family-run KwaZulu-Natal business, which made large chunks of its money from the apartheid government, into a powerful […]

Stefanutti Stocks at a Glance

  Lloyd Gedye and Niren Tolsi   One of the main protagonists in the mafia-style control of construction tenders in KwaZulu-Natal, Stefanutti Stocks, has a colourful history on which it has built its success. This includes working almost exclusively for the apartheid government’s Natal provincial administration throughout the 70s and 80s, mainly building bridges and […]