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Of Jazz, Payments, Patriarchy and Fair Labour Practices

  ou may not yet have read Miles Keylock’s musings on the issues of payments to musicians. If you haven’t, you should: it’s a fine piece of writing. But its content – Keylock’s assertion that young musicians are cash-obsessed and egotistical – as well as the way he frames the debate, have stirred up significant […]

Photographing at the International Library of African Music

  n July 2015, I visited the International Library of African Music, or ILAM, in Grahamstown, South Africa for the first time. I had approached Diane Thram, ILAM’s director, in 2013 about a proposal to photograph their 78 rpm record collection. I was looking to expand on a project to visually document every South African […]

Bongani Madondo’s Sigh: The Real Shit

  Some will fall in love with life and drink it from a fountain That is pouring like an avalanche comin’ down the mountain – Pepper, The Butthole Surfers, Electriclarryland, 1996 eople are equal. Writers, like cooks and singers and dancers and lovers, are not. That’s just how it is. Most writers offer little in […]

On Leaving The Durban International Film Festival

  OPEN LETTER REGARDING MY DEPARTURE FROM THE ROLE OF MANAGER OF THE DURBAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL It was with great sadness that I left my position as manager of the Durban International Film Festival last week. I have been involved in the activities of the Centre for Creative Arts for the better part of […]

Purple Reign (1958-2016)

  When I was growing into being a teenager in the early 90’s Prince was a magician. He was this crazy artist, who I could only reach through my FM radio. Nobody I knew listened to Prince, but across those airwaves I heard his magic. There are six key singles and a cover that between 1990 and […]