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Beyoncé: The Event, The Spectre

  You know what I hate? What I truly despise? The assumption that Beyoncé’s fans (read “the hive”) cannot be a complex set of people who traverse space and place in multiple and complicated ways, the assumption that we are a homogenous set of automatons who have no agency, no capacity for critical thought. That […]

Watching Boys in Bands

  Of all the activities I have thrown myself into over the years, there is one that has dominated an inordinate part of my life. “As a young woman I had one, and only one, intense and ceaseless pastime …” writes author Claire Vaye Watkins.”I’ve filled my days doing this, spent all my free time […]

Creativity and Currency in the City

  Grahamstown is home to many things. A small university, a host of churches, The National Arts Festival, but most importantly, it is home to creativity. Recently, in an effort to tap into the city’s creative network and provide a year round artistic showcase, Grahamstown has seen the launch of the Creative City project. But […]

Lisbon Calling

  DJ Marfox, aka Marlon Silva, is, at 26, the king of Lisbon’s new dance-music scene called batida. This genre has over the past few years shifted from informal parties in abandoned buildings on the peripheries of Lisbon to hip clubs in the city and dance floors across the world. Following in DJ Marfox’s footsteps […]

Trafficking Gqom to Europe

  In this second of a two-part series on selling contemporary African beats to colonial Europe, Lloyd Gedye explores the power relationships in these trafficking circles, and what it means for the artists and the scene. Just who benefits from feeding Europe’s dance floors?   Gqom, the raw, dark, hypnotic electronic music genre emerged out […]