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An Encounter in the Park

  Nakhane Toure’s debut novel Piggy Boy’s Blues has recently been published by new Jacana imprint Blackbird Books and was launched on Thursday last week at the Keleketla Library! It has been described as a “distorted pastoral” and presents a portrait of a xhosa family living in Alice in the Eastern Cape. The novel is centred around […]

Harold Wolpe and Post Apartheid SA

  Steven Friedman’s new book Race, Class and Power: Harold Wolpe and the radical critique of apartheid was published recently by UKZN Press. The Con brings you this excerpt from chapter 11 of the book, titled A few small areas in the vicinity of Beijing: Harold Wolpe and post-apartheid South Africa.     Twice during […]

Angola: Oil and Chinese Takeaway

  Ricardo Soares de Oliveira’s Magnificent and Beggar Land: Angola since the Civil War (Jacana Media) explores the civil war’s legacy in a country where speedy economic growth is fuelled by oil sales, Chinese investment and extraction is rampant and the Dos Santos family continue to control vital parts of the economy and the political sphere. The following two […]

Giving In Is Just Not On

  The London School of Economics Deborah James examines the effects of the world-wide credit crunch on ordinary South Africans in her new book, Money From Nothing: Indebtedness and Aspiration in South Africa. In this excerpt, James explores the aspirational motivation behind personal debt accumulation among Soweto residents. Critical accounts of consumption [were prompted during] a period in the […]