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my lady

  then I heard a scream, and another and I stood on the balcony and listened and a pale figure swam underwater behind the frosted window my lady and with trembling hands my lady I phoned the security but the number didn’t work and I heard or didn’t hear more screams or sounds my lady […]

it is strange

  it is strange to exist to lie in a cool pool of air inside four walls with crickets outside and so many electrical appliances nearby it is strange to exist and to touch items made in Japan and sliced bread and olive brine and old scar tissue on your skin it is strange to […]

On the Shooting of a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl

POEM: On the Shooting of a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl   Who among us will be remembered? None of us will survive. Not the journalist, the one who wrote about Marikana, about the shooting of striking miners, which preceded the shooting of a 17-year-old girl. Nor the filmmaker, the one who made the documentary about the social movement […]

A Poem: Saturday Shopper + The Buckfever Underground National Tour

Photo By: Bidgee    out in the world of shopping today people queued for discounted overpriced lightweight cycling shirts and other accoutrements in the colour of the LSD rainbow whilst nearby, in Builder’s Warehouse lawnmowers awaited the surge of summer and hundreds of door handles a hand to hold and tug them from their lonesome […]

A Poem: 26 july

  having not seen the movie of your life having been unable to touch your lips when you sleep: there are rain showers so thick it’s as if you are driving under water under the ocean, but with frogs hopping for crazy, dear life this is the undoing of us all the unthinking, the blinking […]