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ANC: Bleeding from the Bottom

  Don’t you get fucked off with all these pop-up political and economic analysts? They emerge, like verbal one-person flash mobs, every time the news agenda gets a little too complicated for journalists to follow. So instead of reading a court judgment and reporting on it, editorial teams wheel in someone with Professor or Doctor […]

What Mthethwa Really Said

  Between the lines of the address by Minister of Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa at the official opening of the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown   Programme director, I am honoured and pleased to be opening this year’s festival and to discover that we actually have an event like this. As a festival virgin, […]

Introducing Gizoogle, Biatches! Dis Ain’t No Joke!

In order to brighten up your day, The Con brings to your attention Gizoogle. We’ll let the creators of Gizoogle speak for themselves. This text below was taken from their about page, which you can read here. So when you are done reading, get out there and Gizoogle your favourite websites, its hilarious. And we encourage […]


Alison owned the largest private collection of stickers in South Africa and stored it in one room of her two room flat. Initially, she purchased the stickers strictly for use in her diary, but a sheet of glittery smiling bananas discovered at a Pick-n-Pay convinced her that certain stickers were not meant to have their […]


Suckers (in Six Sentences) Jacques Visser was a fourth generation leech-man. For more than 110 years, the Vissers had harvested leeches from the swamps of St. Lucia, and had developed a reputation amongst the South African medical community for quality bloodletting. Unfortunately, when it came time for Jacques to take over the family enterprise, bloodletting […]