A Stand-out from the Sanctum

  Artist: Tumi Mogorosi/Gabi Motuba Album: Sanctum Sanctorium Drummer Tumi Mogorosi’s Project Elo took the South African and international jazz world by storm, earning him critical praise and a loyal following. Blending epic vocal performances, soaring horns and propulsive percussion that deeply mined the soundscape of South Africa for inspiration, Project Elo was a spiritual […]

Trump: What Wikileaks Hath Wrought

  Given my druthers, I’d like to fashion a striking white robe and a pointed hat, mask included, for Julian Assange. I’m sure that somewhere in the linen closet of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London there must be a spanking white sheet and a spare pillowcase, of an equally white hue, that can be put […]

Zama Zamas: Women of Stone

  By Zaheera Jinnah and Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon Grinding rock, on the discarded mines of Johannesburg’s peripheries, is women’s work. The hammering of stone and its crushing into fine silt recalls the rural labour of grinding maize or peanuts into flour or paste for the family meal. “Grinding stones is like grinding peanut butter,” one of […]

A Protest Nation’s Crisis

  For Antonio Gramsci, crises become organic when they are thrown up directly by contradictions in how the capitalist system functions; when they are dynamic, in that they are not confined to particular actors, events, issues, or moments in time or place; and consequently when they are a process rather than a momentary eruption. The […]

‘Kill a Jew’ for the Student Movement?

  Anti-Semitic sentiments at Wits University appear to be more widespread than initially thought after explicit and violent graffiti appeared on campus this week. While the Wits Student Representative Council (SRC) has condemned this incident and assured the media that Jewish students have no reason to fear for their safety, their statement is more than […]

Fresh (Con)tent

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Songs about Home

June 5, 2017