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Taking Back the Land: Problems & Pitfalls

  The Expropriation Bill which is ready to be signed into law could be a turning point in land reform. But it does have flaws, writes Claire Martens. The Endorois people, a traditional pastoralist community, were removed from their land by the Kenyan government in the 1970s to make way for a national reserve. They […]

Bronze Is a Hollow Heritage

The unused, broken, cooling towers off Harvey Street in Bloemfontein wear the tattered dress of hubris and violence. Save for John Dube and Albert Luthuli, the drapes that once showed the faces of previous ANC presidents are frayed, ripped to almost nothing, and trail in the wind like the shredded clothes of a survivor of […]

More Zen, Less Phobia

    Plan B: More Zen, Less Phobia – Dean Hutton I briefly met Andile Tshabalala on Tuesday on the way to a meeting with Lindiwe Matshikiza to brainstorm ideas on interventions we could create as artists to increase public safety in our communities. We’re calling it Action TBC (to be confirmed). I saw Andile […]