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Onslaught at Oppi

  You’ve called your mate to organise a tent. Your ticket was booked and paid for long ago; I can see you’re a veteran. The gas canister is full, but you probably won’t be doing much cooking − maybe some coffee in the morning for the babelaas or the come-down, whichever way you enjoy getting […]

Ancestral Dances on the Braais of our Present

  As the faux Twitter debate over Heritage Day versus “Braai Day” raged, we hit Klipspruit Valley Road heading into Soweto. Our destination: the Credo Mutwa Cultural Village in the Jabavu section of Soweto. The reason: a performance by JBCUC. Who? BCUC is Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness, a rollicking band from Soweto, and JBC is […]