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No False Notes

  Say “singer” and the stereotypes come tumbling out of the shadows: most of them wholly unrelated to the music. Music journalists carry some of the guilt; getting stoned with Brenda Fassie made a far more colourful story than sitting through her rehearsals, as well as ramping up some writer’s in-crowd credentials. For that reason, we don’t […]

St Vincent: Restrained Baroque Bump & Grind-Funk

  Want to hear the future sound of art-pop? Her name is Annie Clark, but you’re more likely to know her by the name St Vincent. I know most of you know this already. Sorry, I’m assuming some have to play catch-up. She has a new album out and it’s called St Vincent. Yes, self-titled. This […]

CD Review: Billy Bragg – Tooth & Nail

Back after a five-year absence, Billy Bragg vents about love and politics with an American twang Billy Bragg is a lover and a fighter. His songs are equal parts politics and love, the mostly unrequited – though less so of late. As the lyrics from January Song, the opening number of Bragg’s brand new album, Tooth & Nail suggest, he […]