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Muted Voices: Zimbabwe Has Lost a Great of Urban Chimurenga

  Chiwoniso Maraire, that gifted woman who made mbira ‘cool’ to urban Zimbabwean audiences, will be sorely missed. I first met her in 2004, and we talked Peace of Ebony. That was that afro-fusion trio that came on the scene around 1990-1. Together with Herbert Schwamborn (Queeler, now known as Metaphysics) and Tony Chihota (“Chief”), Chi gave the […]

(Im)perfect: Race, Identity and the Making of Hashim Amla

  Hashim Amla has arrived. His back-lift to gully now appears the sort of lazy flourish that bored twelve-year-olds develop because they are staggeringly superior to their opposition, rather than the defect that presumed he wouldn’t cut it at international level early on in his career. That twirl of a back-lift is now brought down to […]