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No Longer at Ease

  Celebrating its 40-year existence, this year the African Literature Association (ALA) held its annual conference at the University of the Witwatersrand from April 9-13 under the theme, “Texts, modes and repertoires of living in and beyond the shadows of apartheid”. The association is one of the few institutions that primarily focuses on literature of […]

Blessed Are The Left-Legged, For They Will Inherit The Cliches

“Me, for example, I’m a left-winger, everyone knows that.”- Robert Bolano, The Return It always seemed to me that the left-footed player got a place in the football team for no other reason other than that he was left-footed. In the makeshift fields of my youth, the left winger occupied a forsaken part of the […]

Looking Back: Chinua Achebe and the History of Biafra

There Was A Country: A Personal History of Biafra by Chinua Achebe (The Penguin Press, 2012) It’s one of those tragedies that you will remember vividly. You will recall what you were doing and where you were, even when you heard the news of the passing of Chinua Achebe. It was Human Rights Day in South […]