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Censors Ban South African Film for ‘Child Porn’

It was a piece of theatre, rather than a film that opened the 38th Durban International Film Festival (Diff) on Thursday night. Jahmil XT Qubeka, the director of Of Good Report, ostensibly the festival’s opening night film, was on stage, his mouth taped over. He then proceeded to burn his identity book in protest. His […]

Of Grandmasters, Sexual Identity and Lesotho’s First Feature Film – Peter Machen Talks About the Durban International Film Festival

With its range of documentary and feature films from around the world and its role as a continental film market and laboratory, the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) is one of the most important film festivals in Africa – certainly in South Africa. Peter Machen was recently announced as the festival’s new manager, Niren Tolsi […]