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Jou Past se Poes

  The fallacy of the “white victim” is becoming nauseating. After hundreds of years of white-on-black racism and oppression in South Africa, when anger is expressed against these injustices, self-serving whites who feel uncomfortable when confronted with the truths of South Africa’s racist past call it “hate speech” or “racism”. Steve Hofmeyr bemoans the plight […]

Onslaught at Oppi

  You’ve called your mate to organise a tent. Your ticket was booked and paid for long ago; I can see you’re a veteran. The gas canister is full, but you probably won’t be doing much cooking − maybe some coffee in the morning for the babelaas or the come-down, whichever way you enjoy getting […]

BOOM: Isaac Mutant Drops “Boef”

  So Isaac Mutant dropped a new track called Boef, which you can hear below. Mutant posted the following message on his Soundcloud page when he uploaded the track.   I’M RUFF LIKE; BOEF, BOEF, BOEF! SOME MORE KAK FOR YOU TO DOWNLOAD. SEXXXY MUSIC FOR SEXXXY PEOPLE. IT’S ALL ABOUT A PIEL. DOOKOOM // […]