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“Ikea” for Shacks Dwellers?

  Joyce Xi and Mary-Anne Gontsana   Sheffield Road, one of the busiest roads in Philippi, has become one of the city’s best-known places to buy a shack. Here, builders make a living providing affordable housing for township residents.  Shack construction is a popular business for people with building skills as demand for housing increases […]

Evictions and the Law

  The law on evictions has changed since the landmark Grootboom judgment in the Constitutional Court in 2000. But the recent spate of evictions and demolitions of shelters in informal settlements in the Western Cape – Lwandle, Philippi East, and Khayelitsha – must make the right to housing ring hollow for those left homeless, writes […]

Police Use Live Ammunition on Shackdwellers

  Daneel Knoetze   Police used live ammunition against unarmed shackdwellers who fiercely resisted eviction in Philippi East today. It was the most violent day of clashes between police, City of Cape Town Law Enforcement and shackdwellers since forcible evictions started off Symphony Way, in response to a land invasion, two weeks ago. At least […]

Original District 6 Faces Eviction

  On Searle Street, six semi-detached Victorian cottages house a handful of families not forcibly removed from District 6 during apartheid. Now, as the cottages go on sale, the tenants face imminent eviction, Daneel Knoetze reports.   The owners of the cottages, the Holy Cross Sisters, claim that it is an open and shut case: […]

Cape Town Justifies Evictions

  Daneel Knoetze   The City of Cape Town has invoked a series of court interdicts and orders to defend its role in the evictions of shackdwellers in Philippi East. The land occupation has grown since last week. City Law Enforcement resumed the demolition and removal of shacks on a plot off Symphony Way yesterday, […]