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The Violence Turning Into Our Worst Enemy

  It appears that the militant Malcolm X dictum, “[b]y any means necessary”, has been treated too literally, without any regard to the evident need to think through and review the purpose and efficacy of the unbridled, anarchic, indiscriminate and very destructive violence that has plagued the re-radicalised student movement over the past eighteen months. […]

Market Forces Propel Schools’ Racism

  Before the hair came the nose stud. One day in 2004, Sunali Pillay wore a nose stud to Durban Girls’ High School as a marker of Hindu culture. When the school stated that this was against its code of conduct, Sunali’s family and the school exchanged legal blows all the way up to the […]

A Rapist State’s Children: Jacob Zuma & Chumani Maxwele

  In Pumla Gqola’s latest book Rape: A South African Nightmare, the Wits University-based scholar asks potentially one of the most important questions ever posed in contemporary post-apartheid South Africa: “What does it mean to ask President Jacob Zuma to take anti-rape work seriously, after we lived through the brutalisation of Khwezi in more than […]