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A Blind Prospector in Bambazonke Country

  Bambazonke ( Ndebele for winner takes all), the name by which Harare was grudgingly known in Bulawayo back in the 1980s, goes back to the foundation of the city itself. In 1900, about a decade after colonial conquest, Salisbury had a population of 1500. The upstart hamlet,  against all reason, strong opposition, and hierarchy,  became the […]

The Bastards of Harare

“We are the desperate Who do not care, The hungry Who have nowhere To eat, No place to sleep, The tearless Who can not Weep.” Langston Hughes, Vagabonds. 1 He milled about in the shadows of Kilimanjaro, not the mountain, but a bar cum restaurant on Kaguvi street, in old Harare. His face was  hagard […]

Bulawayo’s Absent Zim Dancehall

  Thomas Mapfumo, celebrated at home and abroad as the don of Zimbabwe’s rebel music scene, invited a tsunami of brickbats when he dismissed a music genre that has the whole country talking, if not dancing. Zim dancehall, as its name suggests, borrows heavily from Jamaican chants in a country where Bob Marley is revered […]

My Sister and Football

  “In my unlikeliest dream , my dead are with me again, companions again, in an ordinary way; nothing of major moment to accomplish, no stains to cleanse, no oaths or debts to redeem: my dead are serene, composed, as though they’d known all along how this would be.”- The Covenant, CK Williams   In those […]