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Dope Beats from Brazilian Streets

  Brazil has a powerhouse musical legacy, from Antônio Carlos Jobim to Gilberto Gil, from Jorge Ben Jor to Elis Regina, from João Gilberto to Sérgio Mendes. So a World Cup in Brazil was always going to have an awesome soundtrack. But a new generation of Brazilian musicians is attempting to stake its own claim to […]

Wunga Heads and the Untreated Dead

  The song Wunga is perhaps the strangest track on Durban/Johannesburg hip-hop group BIG FKN GUN (BFG) album Pop Models. As the follow-up to the sleek title-track, the video sees the group ditch the setting of a club for a tour down Johannesburg’s streets as our protagonist, a “junkie” (artist EvlJon) wanders aimlessly around bruising […]

Saul Williams: Staring at the Sun

In Aujourd’hui, Saul Williams plays a pensive man negotiating the reality of his last day on earth. Set in Senegal, his character lives in a society where death announces before it comes calling. In an interview with The Con, the actor, musician and poet talks about the search for something new in each of the […]