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Kragdadigheid at UCT: a Dangerous Precedent

  Adam Haupt reflects on the evening police bliksemmed UCT students   This is not going to be one of those objective, measured op eds. It’s difficult to be objective when you see your own students being brutalised by police. It’s difficult to be objective when your own university calls the police on to your […]

Marikana: A State Of No Apologies

  The families of slain miners seek compensation for their losses – and an apology from government, writes Niren Tolsi Three years after their husbands were shot dead by police on August 16 2012 at Marikana, Zameka Nungu and Betty Gadlela are still waiting for a simple apology from the government that killed their families’ […]

Fight the Power

  Last week The Con bought you a part of  our ongoing interview with the Tokolos Stencil Collective. We have also reported on their interventions, firstly at the Brundyn+ Gallery and secondly at Michael Elion’s Nelson Mandela Ray-Ban sunglasses. Here is our full email interview, which we conducted with the Tokolos Stencil Crew over the […]

One Eye Open: SA’s Art Watchdog

  No art is safe in South Africa, especially “myopic art” made by middle class white artists from Cape Town. First Brett Murray’s The Spear got its extra coats of black and red paint, and now Michael Elion’s controversial Nelson Mandela Ray Ban glasses have a new coat of paint courtesy of the renegade art […]