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Time to Talk About Zwelethu

  Trigger Warning: violence against women, sexual violence, child abuse   “Murder suspect’s art could make a killing” – The Times, May 26 2014  It’s a catchy title and a clever pun, presumably formulated so as to incite a carefully considered low-level provocation while also making sure the reader is aware that this is a light-hearted, […]

Seun Kuti Takes on the IMF and NY Young Jazz Lions Cut Loose

  Not one to shy away from political confrontation in his music, Seun Kuti, yes, the son of Fela, has a new video out called IMF − yes, named after that institution of neoliberal economic warfare, but this time it’s been branded “International Mother Fucker”. The song features on Kuti’s new Robert Glasper-produced album, titled A Long Way […]