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Jacob Zuma, The Trickster

  uChakide, the trickster mongoose, was hungry. So he convinced uGogo Granny, to play ‘I cook you, you cook me’ in the pots over the fire. Naturally, Chakide went first into the pot and gogo lit the fire. Once it became a tad hot, Chakide called out from inside the pot “Tshiyo tshiyo sengivuthiwe!” (“I’m […]

R2K & Clammy Media

  Weird how media outlets quick to pontificate about the freedom of expression and the fourth estate’s right to have its say clam up like a fascist bake when they’re staring down the barrel of a protest about their own short-comings. Last week Saturday the Right 2 Know (R2K) campaign had rustled up a few […]

Zuma’s Disappearing Charges Act

  How many potential ‘get out of jail’ cards can President Jacob Zuma collect up his sleeve for just in case? That cynical question seemed to hang, politely unasked, behind another question raised by Justice Edwin Cameron two weeks ago when the Constitutional Court heard applications brought by the Helen Suzman Foundation (HSF) and businessman […]